cre8tivecat—Catherine Hartigan

  • Hand made card with a rainbow and colourful flowers. No words.
  • Hand made birthday card with flowers, balloons, and presents. Words: ‘Happy Birthday!’
  • Hand made romatic card of lingerie hanging on a clothes line. Words: ‘You’re my favourite thing to do!’
  • Hand made card featuring a tree and flying birds. No words.
  • Hand made card congratulating pregnancy with an image of a kangaroo and child. Words: ‘Congrats!’
  • Hand made holidays card featuring a happy snowman. Words: ‘Happy Holidays!’
  • Hand made card wishing wedding congratulations to a couple with a pair of women’s shoes. Words: ‘Best wishes to you both!’
  • Hand made card of a woman holding her baby bump. No words.
  • Hand made card of a whispy wind and a tree. No words.
  • Hand made card of a onsie on a clothes line. No words.
  • Hand made pet sympathy card featuring a water bowl and flowers. Words: ‘It’s hard to say goodbye to such a special companion… thinking of you.’
  • Hand made card of deer on a winter landscape. No words.
  • Hand made card of a hummingbird fluttering near some flowers. No words.
  • Hand made card of evergreen trees on a night skyline. No words.
  • Hand made card of a cute fox sitting on night horizon. No words.
  • Hand made holiday card featuring two gingerbread people. Words: ‘Happy Holidays!’
  • Hand made card of three houses on a nighttime horizon. No words.
  • Hand made birthday card with a cupcake. Words: ‘Happy Birthday’
  • Hand made happy birthday card with a flower vase. Words: ‘Happy Birthday!’
  • Hand made card with houses in the distance and evergreen trees. No words.
  • Hand made sympathy card with a flower vase. Words: ‘Thinking of you… with heartfelt sympathy.’
  • Hand made birthday card with a stuffed bear and flower vase. Words: ‘Happy Birthday’
  • Hand made card with and empty table and chairs. Words: ‘Thinking of you’
  • Hand made wedding congratulations card with two men in suits. Words: ‘Best wishes to you both!’
  • Hand made card of a windowsill and flower pots. No words.
  • Hand made just married card of a couple driving away in a car. No words.
  • Hand made get well card of a couch and table with a tea pot. Words: ‘Get well soon!’
  • Hand made card of a young girl blowing flowers out of her palms. No words.
  • Hand made romantic card with men’s underwear hanging from a clothes line. Words: ‘You’re my favourite thing to do!’
  • Wedding Invitation 2009

  • Polar Bound Contest

    Contest ad for Canadian Geographic and Students on Ice hold to win a chance to travel on a learning expedition to the arctic.

  • Annelise Petlock

    Logo designed to represent Annelise’s earth loving personality for her personal branding and web site.

  • Wedding Invitation 2004

  • Canadian Geographic Kid’s Atlas Online

    Illustrated and provided the voice over for entire site. Check it out!

  • The Occupation of Heather Rose

    A poster done for a one-woman show that tells the story of a young social care worker who goes into a remote Northern Native community to help and is affected greatly by what she discovers and the impact it has on her life.

  • HIV/AIDS: It’s Time to Act

    Poster designed for the United Nations Association of Canada for it’s HIV/AIDS: It's Time to Act - Mobilizing Young Canadians Around HIV/AIDS − An intra- and inter- national/provincial youth participation and cooperation project that addresses HIV/AIDS in conjunction with the social determinants of health, in order to build capacity to combat HIV/AIDS through sustainable prevention, education and management strategies.

  • Canadian Geographic Ad

    An ad demonstrating the wonderful photos showcased in all Canadian Geographic articles. Promoted in Voices magazine.

  • Desire Caught by the Tale

    The challenge in designing this poster was in representing two very different plays in the same poster: Picasso’s about his life experiences and Sartre’s about three people trapped in a motel room that symbolized hell.

  • Peterborough Body Image Coalition

    This group works out of the Peterborough City County Health Unit and promotes a positive body image for young girls and boys in our high pressured society.

  • Lina-cut print of a tiger.


    Linocut Print What is Linocut?

  • Lina-cut print of an African woman carrying baskets.

    African Woman #3

    Linocut Print

  • African woman wit little child.

    African Woman and Children

    Watercolour with Pen and Ink

  • Linocut print of an African woman.

    African Woman #2

    Linocut Print

  • Child silohuette in front of sun set and birds.



    Painting I did for my niece’s first birthday!

  • Linocut print of an elephant.

    Majestic Giant

    Linocut Print

  • Two paintings of a woman and a guitar.

    Girl with Her Guitar


  • Linocut print of a zebra.

    African Zebra

    Linocut Print

  • Paiting of a guitar player in trees.

    Man with His Guitar

    Watercolour with Pen and Ink

  • Linocut print of an African woman carrying a bottle on her head.

    African Woman #1

    Linocut Print

  • Painting of a kissing couple and two dogs.

    All You Need is Love


  • Linocut print of a panda.

    Giant Panda

    Linocut Print

  • Painting of vases and flowers.



  • Linocut print of an African woman and child.

    African Woman #4

    Linocut Print

  • A pastel work of two African sisters in traditional face paint.

    African Sisters



About Cat Hartigan

Photo of Cat Hartigan

Hi! My name is Catherine (a.k.a. Cat) Hartigan and I'm a graphic designer and artist all rolled into one creative package! I've been a graphic designer for over eight years and an artist basically my whole life! I am a graduate of the Algonquin College three year Graphic Design Program, and I’m working full-time as a graphic designer for a registered Canadian charitable organization in Ottawa. Working with my clients, I ensure that my designs support my client’s message and branding. Please take a look at my work to see my skills firsthand.

I’ve always been an artistic person, and I love to experiment with all types of art − nothing is off limits. I enjoy painting in acrylic and watercolour, and most recently I’ve been experimenting with linocut and silkscreening. I also designed a line of cre8tivecat cards that I sell on Etsy and at local art events.

While I love art and design, my other passions include yoga, animals, music, and my partner in crime, Craig!

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